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Our Story

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It's All About Family

Craftsmanship and entrepreneurship are qualities that have been a part of my family for generations. My great-grandfathers built homes, made wooden propellers and designed skies that flew on planes that went to the South Pole. Following in this creative lineage, one of my grandfathers was an inventor and held patents, and was also a builder of stage sets for the theaters. My other grandfather was a hardware store owner. In my immediate family, there are 4 contractors, an electrician, and a tool-and-die shop owner. It is this passion with working and creating with one's hands that has led and kept me in the trades.


My Journey

My love for working with my hands has allowed me to be a contractor since 1988. While working as a contractor I began taking night classes at Wayne State University. My wife's schooling for medical school took us to Portland Oregon where she received a 4-year medical degree in Naturopathy. While running my business during the day and taking night classes, I was able to acquire a Bachelor of Science with Honors from Portland State University. My interests in how things worked lead me to focus on architecture, urban planning and psychology.


Navigating in Woods
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My Commitment

I would bring to your project my family's heritage, a drive for learning, and my joy for working with homeowners on their homes.  Our core team consists of my father, brother, brother-law and myself. Because your home can be one of your biggest investments, it is important to hire a contractor experienced with identifying problems and the best way to fix them. We are that Contractor.

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