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No need to be present for Estimate or Service (We've Got This Covered)


Governor Whitmer has announced that Construction Trades can start on May 7th!  In the meantime will be performing work on homes that are emergency repairs.

Like most contractors, we have become back logged with unfinished projects and other projects that were already scheduled to be completed by now.  We will be working harder than we ever have to get things back on the rails.  Our trucks, trailers, equipment, bodies and spirits are ready to get down to brass tacks!

  • We've done many jobs where our clients were so busy we actually never had the opportunity to meet in person (So were kinda use to this.)

  • We offer exterior home assessments and estimates (you don't need to be present)

  • We can communicate thru: Phone, Texting, Facetime, Whats App, Zoom, & Facebook

  • We email signable PDF contracts with a credit payment option (takes no more than 5 minutes to sign and make deposits & payments)

  • Any follow up documents are Emailed in PDF

  • Safety has always been a huge priority to us.  If fact our motto is Safety By Choice Not By Chance. 

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